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September 29, 2007

Privacy & Blog

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online privacyPrivacy is the ability to keep the private information out of public view.  it is one of the fundamental principles enshrined in U.S. constitution, and for a good reason — a true democracy entails respecting individual autonomy and anonymity. Coincidentally, the religious world also has a good explanation –two thousands years ago, Paul declared “there are no righteous persons, there is not even one”. 

One key reason that people don’t blog as often as they would is the fear of losing privacy and the ramifications it may result.  Employees can be fired for divulging company information, or posting unwelcoming comments about management.  Over eighty percent of companies monitor employees online activity at work.  With these in mind, any sensible person would take a second thought to blog things which he would otherwise write freely in his paper diary in his own bedroom.

Blog software can do a better job protecting user’s privacy.  Some software can already restrict access to some or all posts. One easiest way is just to create a private category which can only be viewed by the author himself or herself, and not anyone else in the world.  Whoever solves this problem first will have another competitive advantage.

September 28, 2007

Rice Fields

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Rice fields in moutainous regions of China  

#1: woman casting rice seeds in “ladder fields”.
#2: rice fields
#3: harvest time
#4: spring time
#5: rice growing and growing
#6: sunset
#7: water is a prerequisite for growing rice
#8: guilin mountain and water

September 21, 2007

Turtle and Crab

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 I read this following story originally told in Chinese. I like it so much that I want to translate it into English.

One day I walked by a rural fare in a city, I saw two baskets laid on the side of the road. One has cover and the other doesn’t.

I was very curious and asked the peasant why. I found out that the one with cover holds turtles, and the other one without cover holds crabs. As long as one crab wants to craw out of the basket, the other crabs would drag it down using their claws, therefore, the basket doesn’t need a cover.

On the country, turtles would lie on each other’s back: the oldest lies on the bottom, then younger ones, then baby turtle, would craw onto each other’s back with amazing order until they reach the edge of the basket. As a result, turtles would craw out of the basket one after another!

In a team, would you be a turtle or a crab?

September 20, 2007

Three years at Array Networks

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In September 2004, I was fresh out of the graduate program after many years of joy, labor, and sweat. The second day I submitted my resume, Heyning Cheng, a guy who quit his PhD program at Berkeley to join Array Networks and then a project manager, called me up at 6 PM. We ended our conversation talking about climbing 14ners – 14,000 foot peaks. Most of the country’s 14ners are in Colorado, and I climbed quite a few of them. I was hired swiftly.

Array Networks is a great company, a shining jewel in the valley. The amount of innovation that has happened and is happening is just amazing. Have you thought about rewriting TCP/IP stack such that it handles HTTP traffic much faster? Array guys did it a few years ago. Have you thought about implementing SSL in the kernel and using totally different approach? Array guys did it, and by the way, the resulting throughput is ten times over that of the nearest competitor in the SSL VPN market. Array is the very first vendor to receive the version three ICSA certification, and is the first vendor to create Site-to-Site VPN to replace IPSec.

I’ve enjoyed working with all of my teammates – they are truly bunch of smartest and most creative folks. More than one teammate practically indexed the source code base -only about half a million lines – and can spew out answers to almost any question succinctly and correctly in a sentence or two. That truly testifies that we only use a very small portion of our brains! One teammate, whom I refer to as “the light of the team”, can take on any project, whether it be device driver, kernel memory, or high availability, and do wonderful work. And to my knowledge, he wasn’t majored in computer science!

The story can go on much longer…I just feel that I was so fortunate to be able to work with those great minds.

Now it is September 2007. It is time to climb another 14ner in a new territory.

September 18, 2007


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The following is an article I wrote back in 2006.

I recalled some fun moments when I met some famous people: former president George Bush, Bill Clinton, presidential candidate John McCain, Chinese premier Zhu Rongji, Chinese foreign minister Li Zhaoxing, and chancellor of University of Denver.



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