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October 31, 2007


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There is an old Chinese saying “if the worker wants to be good at his work, he must sharpen his tool first”.

I have believed that since my early years of my life, when my brothers and I had to cut grass or fire woods for fuel.  The first thing we did was to sharpen the knife. My third brother (now a college teacher) was a very hard working young man, and he would  work all day to clean up all the grass on many field banks, and fill up our entire attic.  

I am getting used to a few good knives: Eclipse, PHPEclise, PHP, MySQL, QuantumDB, etc.  I like them – they are blazing sharp.  The knife manual “PHPEclipse: A User Guide” by Shu-Wai Chow is also helpful.  

Which is more fun? Cutting grass for fuel, being a professor, or building consumer Internet application? I need to ask my third brother.

October 26, 2007

Facebook & WordPress

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wodpress and facebook

There are striking similarities between Facebook and WordPress.

1. Openness.

In a brilliant move, facebook opened its platform for external developers around the globe earlier this year. Thousands of developers tapped into its “social map” database and develop interesting applications, adding much value to facebook.

WordPress has been open source project since its birth. Thousands of users and developers develop, use, and contribute to its ecosystem. The ecosystem around wordpress is vibrant, healthy and thriving.

Give and take, embrace and extend, endorse and enlarge. That is the power of being open.

2. Hyper growth.

Facebook has over 400% growth rate this year. WordPress has about 390%.

According to current quantcast tracking, in October 2007, facebook has 23 million U.S. monthly unique vistors; wordpress has 22 million. Facebook is ranked #21, wordpress is ranked #22.

3. Spirit of Web 2.0

Young entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the new new thing. Facebook founder is 23 years old, so is wordrpess founder.

Both facebook and wordpress have defied traditional wisdom and achieved the impossible. I remember when I visited Microsoft campus in November 2006, I chatted with a good friend who was a senior engineer there, he laughed heartedly at facebook being “non-technical stuff”. Well, Steve Ballmer was laughing recently after facebook accepted his $240 million 🙂

October 17, 2007

true venture night

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True ventures hosted a wonderful party on San Francisco’s pier 38.  I was happy to meet almost half of my fellow automatticians there.  Joey Wan from GigaOM took a photo for Jared, Matt and me.  Jared is the co-founder of slide.com and adroll. Matt is the founder of Automattic.com.  I remember a few years ago when I was in my twenties, I considered myself still young. Now when I stood together with these brilliant entrepreneurs who have already rocked the world in their twenties, I felt, well, … inspired.

October 10, 2007

designing with web standards

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Finished reading Jeffrey zeldman’s book: designing with web standards.

Yeah, reading keeps me young and healthy. I am happy that I am still able to read and absorb as fast as I can run (my 1000 meters record was 3 minutes and 7 seconds, set in my junior year in college).

This book illustrates basic principles endorsed by the Web Standards Project. The key idea is to separate content from presentation. Use XHTML for the content, and CSS for presentation. Think about structure and semantic when you write the content, and dress it up using CSS, you get a website that is much more compact, elegant, forward compatible, and platform independent.

I was amazed at how clean the source code of Zeldman’s own website is. It contains almost no direct markups. Furthermore, the site is designed using WordPress!

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