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November 30, 2007


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At yesterday’s Sacramento Starts, I met Layton, co-creator of  beenup2.com, which is what I call photo-version-of-twitter.  It allows user to take snap shots of photo or video and the site organizes them neatly. I especially like the “view timeline” feature.

November 25, 2007

Iris Chang

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iris chang picture While I was in graduate school, I read stories about Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking. I admired not only her beauty and talent, but also the courage this young writer had in fighting for the justice and truth for an important but forgotten period of world history.

Chang took her own life three years ago, right by highway 17 close to my previous company’s headquarter. I still remember the shock, disbelieve and grief we all had when we heard the sad news.

We remember her because in her short life, she fought for a cause bigger than herself, as Reporter Richard Rongstad puts it “Iris Chang lit a flame and passed it to others and we should not allow that flame to be extinguished.”

memories of principal wang

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Below is an article I wrote last year to commemorate the former principal of my high school.  

母校江西省玉山一中校长,全国十佳校长获得者,汪熙尧先生默默地走了,就如同他默默地来。我知道,记忆中的点滴,若不写下,一定会随着飞逝的时光,默默地消逝。 (more…)

November 9, 2007

Yahoo, China

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great wall

U.S. congress grilled Yahoo for revealing the identity of Yahoo mail user to the Chinese government three years ago, resulting in the journalist’s long jail sentence.  I commend U.S. congress for taking the high moral stand and acting on behalf of a Chinese victim. Only U.S has the courage to do this.

Meanwhile, some friends often wonder what China is really like. Being raised in China and educated in the U.S., I feel obligated to share a few words. (more…)

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