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December 6, 2007

Light and darkness

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There is an ancient Chinese saying “It is easy to give sinister words, but hard to utter good phrases”.  In other words, human beings have tendency to criticize, condemn, and judge.  Yet it takes great understanding and big heart to console, encourage, and build up.

Why our human nature has this tendency to blame others, and not ourselves?  It’s because we are all prone to the self-righteous attitude.  Then, why this direction and not the other way around? I’ve been pondering over this question for a long time now, and I believe the explanation can only be found from theological point of view.

There are two forces exist in and beyond this universe.  Force of Light and force of darkness. The force of Light creates, nurtures, fosters, encourages, and gives meaning to otherwise mundane existence.  The force of darkness destroys, depresses, demolishes, defeats, and judges.  Similar notion was vividly illustrated in C.S. Lewis’s book.

Seek and walk in the Light. Everyday let’s put a smile on a child’s face, cheer up a grieving heart, and console a languishing soul.

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