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March 18, 2008

Work from Home

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I bumped into my second brother, Dr. Xiaoliu, on Gtalk the other day. He asked me “are you still working from home?”  I knew what he meant.  It is hard for a doctor to imagine that one can actually “work” and “stay at home”.

I enjoyed working from home over the past five months or so.
The biggest benefit is being able to live in any place I likes. Then there is no more daily commute chore, which used to take at least one hour each day.  That was 220 hours per year, and equivalent of over a month of working days!  Furthermore, I’ve always disliked the cubicle office life, where there is little privacy.  Equipped with 10Mbps fiber optics connection, I am able to do online collaborations very quickly.  Questions are often discussed and resolved in minutes.

I’d be lying if I say there is no downsides to telecommuting.
Face-to-face meetings have very important values that are hard to duplicate using other medium.  When I left my expertise area and jumped into the Web 2.0 world, I truly realized that the ability to learn is the most important ability of  all. In this Internet age, information is everywhere, but a good portion of knowledge is still contained in books.  The following books helped me a lot over the past few months:

  • PHPEclipse guide
  • Scalable Internet Architecture
  • Designing with Web standards
  • PHP definitive guide
  • HTTP, XHTML guide
  • Ajax and PHP
  • Flash CS3 Professional Video

So back to my brother’s question. “Yes, I still work from home, and I’ve enjoyed it”.  It’s good to work with a super smart team and from home!

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