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May 26, 2008


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Little research has been done on blogging as a subject, partly because it is a recent phenomenon and it has not attracted fair amount of attention from the academia.

I browsed a few papers and found out that there are some limited research, in areas such as:

  1. Motivations behind blogging
  2. Relationships between online and offline social networks
  3. Small-world effect – On the Internet, the average shortest path between every pair of reachable nodes is very short compared to the total number of nodes. Length = 0.35 + 2.06 log (N)
    Example: For 200 million pages, the average shortest path is 17.45 hops.
  4. Routing in social networks – how likely to find the target person by following geographical, or occupational links
  5. For hosted blogs, a large percentage of links (>88%) on pages are the internal link, which are link to other blogs hosted by the same company.
  6. Main user intentions on Twitter include daily chatter, conversations, sharing information, reporting news.

Some questions I have and would be curious to know the answers are:

  1. How often do average users write posts?
  2. When do average user write post in the United States?
  3. Is the 20-80 rule true for blog page views? In other words, is it true that 20% of blogs get 80% of page views?
  4. What is the secret behind hugely successful blog such as http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/
  5. Insight on the most popular topics bloggers like to write over time.
  6. Social aspects of blogging as media, eg, comparison of coverage of the recent China earthquake between blogs and traditional media

May 17, 2008

One man’s burden

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The great Sichuan earthquake has consumed tens of thousands of lives.

This young man, named cheng Jian, was trapped under three concrete blocks.  Before he was rescued and died afterwards, he said “I will sustain my life, I can’t leave my kid without dad … everyone who is facing difficulties should persevere”.

May 6, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

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Listening non-technical audio books seems to be one of the most effective ways to get my mind off work late at night, and not to dream about programs and bugs during sleep.

I’ve enjoyed The Audacity of Hope by Barrack Obama.  Perhaps because he was once a professor, the intellectual depths and rigor exhibited in this book far exceed Bill Clinton’s My Life and Hillary’s Living History.  One interesting observation is that he derived a lot of his reasoning and understanding from the frame of constitution. That is something I plan to study one day.

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