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August 20, 2008

WordCamp San Francisco Videos

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I took some videos during the fantastic WordCamp  event last Saturday.

Matt’s welcome

State of the Word – part 1

State of the Word – part2

State of the Word – part3

State of the Word – part4

Three Ladies who helped out the event

Edith, Maya, and Marianne.

August 17, 2008

WordCamp San Francisco

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I spent this past weekend in San Francisco attending this year’s WordCamp event. There are over a dozen such event all over the world (In fact, there will be one in Beijing and Shanghai this September),
yet this one was overbooked and drew over 400 WordPress fans!  Some folks came all the way from England and Australia.

The WordPress ecosystem is thriving and that is a good news for everyone.  With 11 million downloads in the past and 30,000 daily installations, WordPress skills are in great demand.  Skills such as plugin and theme developments are in short supply. According to Toni, some customer project budgets are over $100,000.  Isn’t it fun to work on something that empowers millions of users, while making a good living?

August 16, 2008

Word Game

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The winner is Ian, you got the prize.

Here is the game you can participate at 3:45 pm today. You have 10 minutes to compete in the game.

Given a word, you need to come up with as many different words using the letters contained in the word.
You can list every possible word of any length you can make using only the given letters.

word given: hippopotamus

possible word: hip
possible word: pit

The word is: OUTSTANDING

DK’s blog for the WordCamp word games

August 5, 2008

Psychology in Blogging

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Blogging seems to be an easy task that even a kid can do well.  Yet being easy doesn’t mean it’s well understood.  Email is easy, yet there are still many startups trying to improve it; Social network is easy, yet it’s driving the new Web.

I came across a few research papers written by Stanford researchers on the social and psychological aspects of blogging.

Here is a short summary with my comments:

The motivations for blogging:

  1. Update others on activities and whereabouts
  2. Express opinions to influence others
  3. Seek others’ opinions and feedback
  4. “Think by writing”
  5. Release emotional tension

Bloggers prefers to keep readers at arms length and don’t want intuitive, rapid feedbacks and interactions.

  • I don’t agree with this finding. I think the sample space the authors interviewed is too small. More importantly, this may be a result of the limitation imposed by current blogging technology – comment is the only feedback mechanism, and in most settings, it requires approval before they can appear. Easy and fast interaction among bloggers and readers can be a big plus, if we figure how to do it correctly

Blogs are not personal diaries anymore, they are more like raido shows.  Most bloggers are very aware of their audiences and are very sensitive about what should or should not reveal when they write. Some would separate materials into private and public categories.  On the other hand, it appears most bloggers actually care very little about online privac

  • The finding makes sense among bloggers; However, privacy can be a bigger concern among non-bloggers.

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