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December 1, 2008


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Change has been a hot topic in the past presidential election.  Americans are tired of the failed policies and perennial inertia. Obama saw this and seized the moment to win a historic election.

Companies win or lose according to their ability to adapt to changes.  Those who survive are not necessarily the fittest, but are the quickest to adapt to changes. In the early eighties, Intel saw a losing battle with the Japanese companies in the memory chips business. It exited its familiar turf completely and refocused on microprocessors – opportunity brought forth by the PC revolution, and has reined in the new arena ever since.  On the contrary, Yahoo failed to react quickly and decisively to the enormous changes in Web search field, and resulted in losing the race to Google.

Entrepreneurs and even ordinary engineers need to adapt to changes as well.  It was a big change when I came to U.S. for a graduate education, leaving behind familiar culture, language, and connections.  Before moving to the Web field, I was one of a few experts in the silicon valley who know how to design SSL in the kernel.  Change is hard as it can make all your previously possessed knowledge irrelevant, and force you to start from zero.  Change is good because it is when you pack your old stuff, move forward, and enter a new promising land.

Keep your mind open, maintain high level of curiosity, and happy sailing.

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  1. Hello,I’m Lily from China, swimming to your blog unexpectly, hehe, but why you change from SSL developer to the Web field? what is your opinion and feeling about SSL developer? Thank you:)

    Comment by Lily — March 12, 2010 @ 10:56 pm

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