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February 25, 2009

Congrats to David

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When my nephew David was four years old, I was a college junior in Beijing.  That year grandma accompanied him to travel to Beijing to apply for a visa to visit his dad, who was pursuing PhD in mining engineering at Virginia Tech.

Time sure flies.  13 years later, my brother Dr. Wu is a well recognized scientist in his field.  In 2004, I earned the very first PhD in computer science in University of Denver’s 145-year history.

David is graduating from high school this year, and has been accepted into CalTech, Stanford, Columbia. I wish he would choose Stanford, because it’s just the best.  I once attempted, unsuccessfully, to get into Stanford MBA program myself, despite the fact that I scored 740 (98th percentile) in GMAT.  Well, it’s all history, and as long as David is at Stanford, that should give me a good reason to visit the beautiful campus over some weekends!

February 14, 2009

WordPress LaTeX

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Mathematicians use WordPress quite a bit for publishing math research and notes.  In fact today I just helped to fix some LaTeX issues on Terence Tao (陶哲軒)  math blog.  I’ve always regarded math as the highest, purest form of human intelligence.  Tao is one of the most famous young mathematicians in the world today, so when Matt asked me to help him, I was more than pleased and worked late into Friday night to fix those issues.

Note: LaTeX support is available on WordPress.com blogs.

On your self-hosted WordPress blog, you need to install LaTeX plugin.

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